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Searching online for a fake watch Ulysse Nardin, I have stumbled upon a news about the Blue Seal Chronograph recently unveiled by the brand. The timepiece joined the Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine collection. The rugged sports chronograph accommodates a self-winding movement recording the seconds and minutes and can be put to zero in an instant with help of two pushers.

The case of the Blue Seal Chronograph is produced from 18K gold. There is also a version in stainless steel. The construction featuring an exhibition case back is 200-meter water-resistant. The watch is coupled with an18K rose gold bracelet, steel or rubber bracelet, or leather strap fitted with folding buckle. It's a limited edition of 999 pieces crafted in 18K rose gold and 1846 pieces in stainless steel.

Technology (06 Apr, 2010)
Magic World of Circus on Wristwatch Face
If you are fond of going to the circus, you will be really pleased by the Ulysse Nardin Circus Minute Repeater watch. ...
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Technology (05 Feb, 2010)
El Toro Watch - Bold Look, Bold Functionality
This watch is sure to attract a great deal of attention on the wrist. The Ulysse Nardin El Toro demonstrates a red gold or platinum case fitted with ceramic push-pieces and bezel and presented on a rubber or leather strap. ...
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Technology (06 Jul, 2011)
Unique Dragon Watch
The new Ulysse Nardin Classico Enamel Champleve Dragon watch paralyzes the glance by its enamel champleve dragon dial. The dragon is presented in bright orange and yellow. ...
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Politics (22 Feb, 2007)
Fox Interactive Media Purchased Strategic Data Corp.
On Thursday Fox Interactive Media, owned by News Corporation, stated that it has acquired Strategic Data Corp., a company that deals with interactive advertising technology. This step was made to improve Fox's advertising, and mainly the way marketers perform it. ...
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Politics (19 Feb, 2007)
Surgeons Who Play Video Games are More Skilled
Recent studies showed that the surgeons who play video games are more skilled. It seems that video games contribute to a more precise technique of using different medical instruments. The February issue of Archives of Surgery states that there is a direct link between having video game skills and the abilities of a surgeon to perform a laparoscopic surgery. ...
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Politics (15 Feb, 2007)
First Antarctic Educational Center to be Opened Soon
This week Robert Swan plans to begin his expedition to Antarctica. The adventurer says his aim is to open an online education center, which by his words will be the first in the world. The center will allow children to watch in real-time how life goes on the ice.

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Offbeat (25 Mar, 2007)
Google's List of Class-Action Lawsuits
A list of lawsuits with different charges, where Google participated either as a defendant (in most of the cases) or as a plaintiff. It seems like when people are in financial trouble, they try to sue Google. ...
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Technology (26 Mar, 2007)
Nearly one third of Americans think Internet is useless

About one third of U.S. households do not have any access to the Internet. But what is even more surprising they do not intend to get one. The reason is that households do not consider Internet to be useful for their every day lives.

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Technology (03 Apr, 2007)
Can You Distinguish a Fake?
At present day fake watches have become serious competitors of authentic timepieces. Profits gained from fake watch businesses sometimes exceed the revenue of legal dealers of authentic timepieces. To buy a replica watch, you do not have to find a suspicious-looking guy glad to put you off a cheap fake. ...
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Offbeat (12 Apr, 2007)
Fake Nature of a Rolex is Hidden in Details
Pre-owned Rolex watches have always enjoyed great demand. However, many customers are aware that Rolex is the most copied brand in the fake watch business. So, they are afraid to stumble upon the problem of identifying a real Rolex from its replica. ...
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Technology (30 Mar, 2011)
Wristwatch to Disintegrate Time
Here is one more highly original and complicated wristwatch created by Harry Winston. As its creators say, it is the timepiece to disintegrate time itself. ...
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Technology (26 Oct, 2010)
Wristwatch Devoted to Pedro de la Rosa
Pedro de la Rosa, a famous Formula 1 driver from Spain, has now a wristwatch devoted to him and named after him - the Certina DS Podium Pedro de la Rosa watch. The timepiece is delivered in a limited number of 710 units. ...
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Technology (24 Nov, 2010)
Dandy Watch Paying Tribute to Chopin
The Chaumet Dandy Metronome Edition watch, limited to just 100 pieces, pays tribute to the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin. ...
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Technology (18 Nov, 2010)
Swiss Wristwatch of Supreme Luminosity
Swiss watch brand Luminox presents its new Atacama Field Day-Date watch created in the signature military style and fitted with the brand's famous Luminox Light Technology - LLT. ...
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Technology (16 Nov, 2010)
Discover Reliable Edox Iceman I Watch
The Edox Iceman I watch is a mixture of reliable timekeeping and eye-catching design. It is limited to 600 pieces. The 43mm case is crafted in stainless steel featuring black PVD coating. ...
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