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Politics (20 Feb, 2007)
Tragic Human Error Lead to Transplantation of HIV-positive Organs
Several Italian doctors have transplanted to three recipients organs that were infected by HIV. The information was provided by the hospital in Florence. The doctors from the Careggi hospital said that the liver and kidneys of an HIV-positive woman were transplanted after a laboratory biologist mistakenly wrote on a woman's medical records that she tested negative for the virus. ...
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Science (24 Apr, 2007)
Worms and Humans Are One Family
Research proved that the worms and humans have the same origins, at lest their nervous systems do. While it was a fact that they have some common ancestors, yet now it was proved their nervous systems are forming in about the same way. ...
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Health & Fitness (15 Jan, 2008)
Syphilis Was Brought by Columbus
A new study suggests that Christopher Columbus is the one to blame for syphilis spread. Researchers said that the evidence proves that syphilis came to Europe from the New World. The genetic analysis showed that origins of the disease were from the New World, said said Kristin Harper, an evolutionary biologist at Emory University in Atlanta. ...
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Environment (01 Aug, 2008)
Elephants Face Extinction By 2020
Researchers claim that elephants face the risk of extinction as soon as by 2020 that will become a result of high death rate due to poaching ...
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Politics (01 Aug, 2008)
Biodefense Researcher Commits Suicide Before Being Charged of U.S. Anthrax Attacks
One of the leading researchers in the United States has committed suicide after finding out that criminal charges were almost filed against him over the anthrax assaults that caused traumas to Americans after September 11 tragedy. ...
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Science (13 Oct, 2009)
World's First Vegetarian Spider Discovered
Recently scientists discovered that a spider known as Bagheera kiplingi that does not eat meat like all the other spiders, instead it is the first vegetarian spider out of 40,000 known spider species. ...
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Science (20 Aug, 2008)
Sex in Space Possible but Problematic
In July, Dr Jason Kring, who works as an advisor at NASA, called for the agency to get the astronauts ready for sex in space. He said that a trip to Mars would last about three years and there's little chance that men and women working in the same team will not think about sex. ...
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Science (03 Sep, 2008)
Men Pick Girlfriends that Look Like Their Mother, Scientists Say
A new study on facial similarities between romantic partners and their parents revealed that men tend to date girls that look like their mother and women pick boyfriends that look like their fathers. ...
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Science (05 Dec, 2008)
A New Fan-Like Coral Discovered in Deep Sea
There was made a new discovery of a new species of coral in the depths of the Pacific Northwest. Their environment is true forests on the peaks of underwater mountains. ...
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Health & Fitness (11 Jan, 2009)
Cigarette Smoke Changes Heart's Shape
American biologists have determined that cigarette smoke influences the cell division in the cardiac muscle and changes heart's shape. Previous experiments have proved that a smoked cigarette increases all of a sudden the normal quantity of corticosteroids, and also the quantities of adrenalin and noradrenalin. ...
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Health & Fitness (27 Jan, 2009)
Spermatozoa's Quality Plays An Important Role In Evolution
Though the question about the influence of spermatozoa's sizes and speed on one's individual success is still to be discussed, according to scientists from Canada, these criteria certainly have an influence on the creation of new species and even on the natural selection. ...
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Health & Fitness (29 Jan, 2009)
Brain Hemispheres Make War For Neurons
The majority of animals, including human beings, have an unequal division of functions between the 2 brain hemispheres. But it isn't that simple since the hemispheres are involved in a real war in order to obtain one or another responsibility. ...
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Health & Fitness (30 Jan, 2009)
Dirt Is Good For Our Health
Recently, an interesting article about the use of belly parasites, viruses and bacteria was published in The New York Times by reporter Jane Braudey. ...
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Environment (10 Feb, 2009)
Salamanders Disappearing Due to Killer Fungus
The number of salamanders is critically falling, as mysterious creatures continue vanishing in tropical forests across Central America. ...
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Technology (18 Feb, 2009)
The Most Dangerous Computer Viruses in History
Computer viruses have a relatively short history, but the damages caused by some of them pushed cyber-experts to opening a new chapter on computer viruses. ...
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