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Technology (01 Mar, 2007)
European Union is Angry on Microsoft
Another warning of the European Commission goes to Microsoft. While in an anti-trust struggle with Brussels, the company faced further fines for seeking unreasonable prices from the software developers for vital data. The European Union criticized Microsoft. The EU executive stated that the latest formal charges might lead the American software corporation to additional daily penalties. ...
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Technology (06 Apr, 2007)
Microsoft once again pressed by EU over patents

Once again the software giant, Microsoft, entered into a dispute with the European Commission regarding patents. The war with Brussels over Microsoft's dominance on the world market continues for seven years. The European Commission asks the company to hand over its technical information on its operating system to the market competitors.

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Technology (18 Apr, 2007)
Schools include MySpace in the curriculum
A new open-source social networking software gains its power to be used in schools and other organizations. ...
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Technology (19 Nov, 2010)
Latest Invention: Vending Machine that Suggests Drinks to Customers
In Japan it is possible to find a lot of interesting technical innovations. One of them is a vending machine that recommends buyers the drinks they may like. ...
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Technology (19 Apr, 2007)
Additional Billion PC Users for Microsoft
Microsoft has developed a new project to offer governments an innovative moderately priced bundle of Office and Windows. This way the corporation hopes to reach billions of new PC users. ...
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Science (02 Nov, 2010)
NASA and DARPA Want to Create a Spaceship for Interstellar Travel
Researchers and engineers from NASA and DARPA decided to team up in order to study the possibility of creating a 100-year Starship that could perform interstellar travel. ...
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Technology (24 Apr, 2007)
Google collects your web habits
A new service that was introduced by Google company is intended to easier memorize the websites you have browsed. ...
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Environment (21 Oct, 2010)
Cargo Planes Used to Plant 900,000 Trees a Day
Lockheed Martin decided to use its fleet of decommissioned C-130 Hercules cargo aircrafts, which were previously used to drop land mines, as foresters. ...
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Technology (20 Aug, 2010)
Luxurious Yacht that Transforms Into Airplane
The French cabin designer for Airbus Yelken Octuri has come up with an idea of creating a yacht that can fly. ...
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Offbeat (22 May, 2007)
Exclusive dinners served by prisoners

One of the most curious restaurants was opened two months ago in Rome inside the top-security prison, where one can be served by robbers, murderers and other prisoners.

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Technology (26 Jul, 2010)
About 94 Percent of All Internet IP Addresses Are Already Assigned
According to specialists soon there will be no more possible combinations of 32-bit IP addresses online. ...
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Science (21 Jun, 2010)
CERN Opens Unique Exhibition with Insights into the World of Particles
A permanent exhibition entitled Universe of Particles will soon open at the conference center of CERN, which has the goal of offering guests an amazing insight into the world of small and large particles. ...
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Technology (29 Jun, 2007)
Next Generation Games to be Controlled by Your Emotions
Moving the objects in a game with your thoughts only may not be a dream anymore. Emotiv Systems' technology takes a huge step to create a software that will use emotions and thoughts turning them into game moves. ...
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Technology (11 May, 2010)
Latest Invention: Helmet that Charges Cell Phones Using Solar and Wind Power
The latest invention coming from two students studying electrical engineering at the Nirma University in Ahmedabad, is a helmet that can be used as a cell phone charger. ...
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Technology (20 Apr, 2010)
MAMCO - Top Quality Pressure Control Switches
Specialists at MAMCO do the best they can to satisfy its customers and deliver their pressure switches on time. To ensure quality service, the company's experts use combined resources, and thus meet customers' expectations. It is worth mentioning that the company is proud to have highly trained personnel with a rich experience. ...
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