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Technology (27 Mar, 2007)
20 Million Copies of Windows Vista Sold
A recent report from the software giant Microsoft states the corporation has sold 20 million copies of their new OS Microsoft Vista from January 30 to February 28, 2007. ...
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Offbeat (23 May, 2007)
Need a computer virus?- download now
Computer expert put an advertisement on the Internet offering a free computer virus for everyone willing to have one. ...
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Technology (04 Sep, 2009)
Top 5 Most Popular Computer Viruses and Worms
And by popular we mean those that affected millions of PCs around the globe, leading to huge socio-economic damages. There have been a lot of computer viruses and worms created, but in this article you will find some of the most dangerous. ...
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Technology (22 Sep, 2009)
General Things to Know About Trojan Horse Viruses
A Trojan horse virus represents a malware that infects a system to help its author illegally gain access to a computer for various reasons, including stealing personal information. ...
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Technology (28 Sep, 2009)
Things to Know When Deciding to Install Anti-Virus Software
If you want to keep your system safe you need to take into consideration several aspects, especially if you look forward to choose an expensive product over a free one. ...
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