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100 Rules for Chinese Next-Generation Astronauts


According to the latest requirements for Chinese astronauts, there should be no history of illness in the last 3 generations of astronaut's family. In addition, the would-be astronauts must not have tooth cavities and scars. The whole list contains 100 health requirements.

According to Yangtse Evening Paper, the next generation of astronauts must not have a runny nose, ringworm, allergies on drugs and bad breath, otherwise they will be disqualified.

"The bad smell would affect their fellow colleagues in a narrow space," said Shi Bing Bing, an official at the Nanjing-based 454th hospital of People's Liberation Army air force, which is one of the 6 hospitals that are testing astronauts for health issues.

It is also required that the astronauts must have a pleasant and adaptable disposition. According to Mr. Shi, the next-generation astronauts could be seen as super human beings.

In September 2008 People's Republic of China sent Zhai Zhigang and Liu Boming on a first mission to walk in space. It was the first step towards China's goal of creating a space laboratory and then a space station.

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