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3D Technology Can Lead to Vision Fatigue


An optician from UC Berkeley recently stated that 3D technology could make some people suffer from vision fatigue. At the same time the article published in San Francisco Chronicle quotes Professor Martin Bank as saying that the emerging industry has a close collaboration with vision experts to make sure that viewers benefit from a comfy 3D experience.

It is worth mentioning that researchers at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco worked together with scientists at UCSF and a number of other universities to create 3D interactions much easier on the viewers' eyes.

"It used to be people would see a 3D movie and go, 'cool, 3D,' but after 20 minutes it became uncomfortable. We want your brain to focus on the story, not try to work for the image." said Guido Voltolina, senior director for business development and image technology at Dolby.

In the mean time, Dr. Daniel Adams of UCSF mentioned that the 3D technology makes a person's eyes move rather quickly, which in a number of causes led to some people suffering from motion sickness, nausea and dizziness.

"When you watch a 3D movie, you're making [small and frequent] eye movements because the objects on the screen appear closer or farther away than they actually are," explained the researcher.

Adams added: "If you obey the brain reflex and focus your eyes on the image, it goes out of focus. You have to break that reflexive loop [and] in some people, that may cause a little discomfort."

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