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A 7-years-old Girl Was Removed Six Organs Affected By Cancer


A 7-years-old girl from New York is getting well now after having undergone a complicated surgical operation last month. In order to remove a tumor of a tennis ball's size the surgeons had to cut through 6 organs, reports.

The tumor surrounded the small and the large intestines, the liver, the spleen, the pancreas and the stomach of Heather McNamara. The surgical operation performed by 3 teams of surgeons in the clinic for children Presbyterian Morgan Stanley had lasted 23 hours.

After having removed the tumor the doctors have restored the patient's 3 organs, previously placed in a solution with a low temperature. They didn't succeed in restoring the spleen, the pancreas and the stomach since cancer has harmed them substantially.

The myofibroblastoma which has affected the main blood vessels and destroyed the vital organs of the little girl should not have been operated upon. The surgeons had no other choice than do this after a second unsuccessful course of chemotherapy.

When the parents of the girl understood the situation they addressed to the transplantologist Tomoaki Kato, who has removed a similar tumor in a 62-years-old woman. The father of the girl was ready to sacrifice a part of his own liver.

The girl was allowed to go home this Tuesday and now she's wearing a container with a pump for food on her back. The patient has no pancreas now and she's forced to receive insulin and other medicines as if she had diabetes mellitus. Without her spleen she is in a risk of becoming a victim of infections, that's why she will be administered penicillin for some months.

The surgeons have partially replaced her stomach by making a "bag" from the tissue of the intestine, which will digest the food. She will be able to eat as she always did, but the volume capacity of such a stomach is limited.

Heather has all the chances for a normal life if the tumor doesn't reappear.

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