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Aerobics Lowers Breast Cancer Risk


Scientists from the University of South Carolina proved that aerobic exercises decrease mortality caused by breast cancer by almost 3 times.

There were 14,000 women enrolled as volunteers in this experiment. All of them passed medical tests on physical resistance during the period between 1970 and 2001. During their first examination no tumors were found.

During the testing, scientists have divided women in 3 groups: of low, moderate and of high physical training. After that they have analyzed the previous results in 68 women who have died from breast cancer by 2003.

According to Steve Blair, the author of the research, women from the lowest category of physical training have 3 times more likely to die from breast cancer in comparison to high physical training women.

In order to reach a moderate level of physical training one needs to train approximately 150 minutes per week, and for reaching a high physical level – 300 minutes per week.

Researchers have also established the relation between physical activity and the lowering of such pathologic indices, as: high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, the risk of diabetes and of cardiovascular diseases.

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