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Almost Everyone Suffers from Depression, Scientists Say

According to a new study made by British scientists, approximately 3 quarters of people suffer from depression. However, a lot of them claim that they will never address for help to a doctor. One of the causes is that people don't trust the methods of treatment that specialists usually propose.

The British Charity Organization "Depression Alliance" carried out a questioning that showed that 3 out of 4 people suffer from depression, and that this year the number will increase because of the crisis. More than 10 percent of the people questioned are not ready to entrust themselves to their family doctor. Among those who were at least once submitted to a treatment from depression, 40 percent consider that the doctor didn't give them the chance to choose the method of treatment, and half of them weren't informed about the different types of existing antidepressants.

Almost half of the questioned people complained about the fact that they were practically not even given the necessary information about the side-effects of antidepressants. According to the researchers, some family doctors couldn't even determine the symptoms of depression, and very few of them discussed with the patient about all the methods of treatment that there are nowadays. For persons with depression and anxiety, the possibility of choosing the methods of treatment can be very important in the process of recovery, experts consider. All-in-all, 2750 people have taken part in the study, 500 of which are submitted to a course of treatment now.

Despite of the huge number of people suffering from depression, researchers have come to the conclusion that there aren't enough specialists in this domain and a lot of doctors know this problem very superficially. The Government of Great Britain had given 173 million of pounds for the 3-years-long national program, made to prepare specialists in problems of depressions. "The sooner we have a well-prepared staff, offering first class help, the faster the situation will change", Phil Hope, the Minister of Health Security, had commented the decision of the government.

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