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Bad Dreams Negatively Influence Human Mind

Bad dreams are not harmful for the emotional state of people, but, on the contrary, they have a positive effect on human psychology. American scientists have come to this surprising conclusion and published their study on the scientific website, Health24.

They say that bad dreams are usually caused by a load of emotions gathered during the day. Dreams bring these emotions in order during sleep.

Scary, unexplained and strange dreams allow people get over their fears and negative feelings. Frequently, unpleasant dreams are seen in the morning during the so-called phase of "rapid sleep".

At the same time, scientists separate bad dreams from nightmares which make one wake up at night with a feeling of panic and fear. Many people cannot differentiate nightmares from reality in the beginning and the feeling of the existing danger remains even after they wake up.

According to scientists, 85 percent of people see nightmares once a year.

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