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Botox Can Be Used to Treat Baldness


Soon it would be possible to treat people from baldness using Botox injections. It is worth mentioning that the toxic chemicals are usually used to even out wrinkles, paralyzing facial muscles. However, researchers managed to discover that Botox injection could help regrow hair.

The discovery was made by accident when Dr Simon Ourian, a US plastic surgeon, wanted to treat headaches of one of his patients who had cancer and was coming after chemotherapy. The surgeon injected Botox into her scalp and was amazed to discover that the patient's hair started regrowing, reports The Sun.

It is possible that Botox widens the blood vessels, allowing nutrients to the hair shaft and thus stimulating new growth. For three years Dr Ourian has been testing Botox injection on bald volunteers. Although the treatment requires repetitive injections, he noticed a considerable difference after just one session.

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