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Botox Makes Us Happier by Paralyzing Muscles We Use to Frown


Recently researchers found that, besides making you look younger and brighter, Botox has another advantage - it can literally put a smile on your face.

Due to the fact that Botox prevents the face from frowning, it makes people happy, a study says. Scientists consider that our mood has a direct connection with our expressions. The secret lies in the fact that Botox simply paralyses the muscles people often use to frown, which means that patients can no longer feel sad.

Psychologists from Cardiff University analyzed the consequence of cosmetic treatments on the mood of 25 people, who decided to take part in its study.

Some volunteers wanted to take Botox in order to smooth their wrinkled foreheads, while others underwent laser surgery, cosmetic peels as well as a number of other treatments meant to make them look younger.

Participants in both groups considered that their treatments were equally effective. At the same time volunteers, who were given Botox, felt much happier, being less anxious, touchy or depressed. The study and its results will be heard at the British Psychological Society's annual conference.

According to researcher Michael Lewis, there was a huge difference in the patients' mood and such a result could be explained by a side effect of Botox. "When you make an expression of happiness, it makes us feel happy. If we frown, it makes us feel sadder," he said, adding that the current research could help create cures for illnesses that lead to depression.

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