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British Woman Suffers From Allergy On Water

A young mother from Great Britain suffers from a very rare disease, which affects one person out of 230 million – allergy on water. The disease, the causes of which are unknown yet, is manifested by some small red spots on the skin in the place of contact with water of any temperature. They appear approximately 30 minutes later after the contact and cause unbearable itching.

The state of the English woman Michaela Dutton is so serious that she can't hold her own baby in her arms more than a few seconds, and she does that only completely protected by clothes. She can wash herself once a week for not more than 10 seconds, she can't drink water and she mustn't walk under the rain. Michaela says that all this began after she took a shower, a week after she gave birth to her son. It was then that she saw that all her body was covered with red spots. The woman also mustn't drink water and juice, since it causes the oedema of the larynx. The only liquid that doesn't cause allergy to her is Diet Coke.

Doctors don't have a clue about what causes this disease, known in Medicine as Aquagenic Urticaria. Probably, it must be caused by hormonal misbalances, related to pregnancy and delivery. There are only 30 people who suffer from this allergy all over the world, they say.

"I feel as if I were in a jail in my own body, this disease doesn't let me live", the young woman says. Even her friends stopped meeting her, because they are afraid of catching the disease. Michaela hopes that her story will help people understand that her state isn't dangerous for others, and also that some day scientists will create a medicine to treat it. At present, she lives with her parents, who help her take care of the child.

According to Dr. Nina Goad from the British Association of Dermatologists, there's yet no information about the mechanisms that lead to this allergy's appearance. Scientists also do not know what causes such reactions, but they encourage every person who suffers from such a disease to address to the dermatologist.

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