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By Giving Up Smoking Women Start To Look 13 Years Younger


Smoking epidemic had taken the lives of 100 million people during the 20th century. Nowadays, smoking is the cause of death of 5.4 million people each year. This number may increase up to 8 million by 2030. In the 21st century, smoking may kill almost 1 billion people.

Italian scientists with their latest discovery could inspire a lot of women to give up their habit of smoking. According to the results of a research, women who stop smoking cigarettes start looking 13 years younger in just 9 months.

This is the conclusion to which the dietologist Lydia Levandovsky and the dermatologist Adele Sparavigna had come after carrying out 2 major studies. At the beginning, scientists analyzed and appreciated the skin condition of 200 non-smoking women. Relying on objective parameters of skin (elasticity, firmness, microrelief), they elaborated the scheme of determining the age of the skin on the face.

In the second research, 64 smoking women had to give up their smoking habits. During 9 months they have been closely monitorized and were taken medical analyses. The results were stunning: the skin of the women who gave up smoking had rejuvenated with 13 years in average. Besides, their weight registered a significant decrease.

The results of the research are already used by the Italian Society Against Smoking in their campaigns. Recently, new publicity panels with the inscription "Give up smoking and you will be beautiful!" appeared all over the country.

Another interesting fact about smoking is the difference between the reasons of why the two sexes start smoking. After studying some of the German smokers it was determined that cigarettes for a man are just a source of energy, while for a woman they are a remedy against stress, irritation and overweight.

"Men smoke more often in order to get pleasure from this, and women do this for fighting stress and calming their nerves", scientists say.

Anoter explanation why women smoke is the popular opinion that nicotine helps lose weight.

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