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By 2010 Tumors Will Be World's Disease Number One


By the year 2010, cancer will be the lethal disease number one in the world, experts on Health Services prognosticate. According to the International Health Organization, only during the past year there were 12.4 million people all over the world diagnosed with tumors and 7.6 million of them will soon die because of this disease, Reuters reports. Every eighth person on Earth dies today because of cancer.

"In the last 30 years the number of patients with tumors in the world doubled, by 2020 it will double once more, and by 2030 it will be triple", the report says. By 2030 approximately 26.4 million people will be finding out they have cancer and 17 million of them will die.

Among men the most wide-spread is pulmonary cancer (mainly among smokers). Breast cancer is the most wide-spread among women. Recent statistics show that cancer kills more men than women.

Scientists consider that the main causes of cancer are the general ageing of the population (cancer is more often found among old people), the spreading of obesity, excessive exposure to the open sun rays and the increased number of smokers (this is characteristic especially for poor countries). Thus, according to the leader of the Cancer Fighting American Society, John Seffrin, circa 40 percent of the world's smokers live in China and India. An interesting fact is that 10 years ago cancer was considered to be a disease of the rich, industrialized, western countries. Nowadays, the situation is totally different – poor countries are the main centers of tumor diseases. Cancer treatment is very expensive too (not counting the fact that it doesn't always give proper results) and only wealthy people can afford it. Scientists say that if there was a new cheap way of tumors' treatment, the mortality would significantly decrease.

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