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Cancer Risk Depends On Blood Group


Less people of the 1st blood group suffer from pancreatic cancer, while the ones of the 3rd blood group have a higher risk of tumor development. This is the conclusion to which American scientists from the Oncological Institute Dan Farber from Boston had come after seeing the results of a major research.

The leader of the research, Brian Wolpin, and his colleagues have analyzed the facts about the state of health of 107,500 medical workers. During the time of observance, i.e. 9 years in average, 316 participants in the experiment were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

After considering several known factors, which influence the risk of malignant pancreatic tumor development (such as age, body mass index, smoking, physical activities, diabetes mellitus), it was found that persons of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th blood groups have a higher risk of pancreatic cancer in comparison with persons of the 1st blood group, researchers say. According to them, having the 2nd blood group increases the risk of an oncological disease by 32 percent, having the 3rd group – by 72 percent and, finally, having the 4th blood group increases it by 51 per cent. However, negative or positive Rhesus factor doesn't influence the frequency of tumor development.

Nowadays it is little known about the genes responsible for the development of pancreatic cancer, Wolpin reports.

This type of cancer is developed practically with no symptoms and is usually discovered in its late, severe stages, when it cannot be operated anymore. In USA pancreatic cancer occupies the 4th place in the statistics of mortality from tumors. According to the American Oncological Society, more than 34,000 American people die from it yearly.

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