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Cellphones Kill Sperm Cells, Study Says


Men who carry their cellphones in the pockets of their pants or on the belt are likely to lose their potency, as reported by Sunday Times. The research in question was conducted in the University of Segeda in Hungary.

According to the study, men using cellphones on a regular basis lose about 30% of their active sperm cells. Men carrying their cellphones in the pockets of their pants subject their potency to greatest danger. These were the conclusions of a medical research conducted by Hungarian scientists from the University of Segeda, where 221 men were observed and inspected during 13 months. These men were divided into two groups: those using their cellphones regularly and those, who seldom use their phones. During the research scientists compared the quantity and quality of active sperm cells men from both groups had. The results proved that the use of cellphones decreases the quantity of active sperm cells by one third; moreover, not only the concentration is affected, but also the mobility of the cells, which affects the chances to conceive a baby.

The current research was the first of the kind, i.e. one that provided proofs of negative effects of using cellphones on men's potency. Additionally, scientists claim that even in sleep mode cellphones are harmful, as they are constantly searching for a connection with a nearby communication station.

Thus, scientists advise keeping cellphones as far as possible from vulnerable parts of the body, for example, keeping them in handbags.

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