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Chewing Gum Helps Lose Weight

A research initiated by several producers of chewing gum revealed that chewing gum or sugar-free dragee can help some people decrease their daily calorie consumption.

The results of the research were presented at the last conference in New Orleans, called "Experimental Biology – 2009". According to scientists, the results of their work must be considered as a part of the studies already made in this domain, and shouldn't be considered as a new strategy of fighting with extra-weight.

The experiment, in which 115 men and women took part, had 2 stages. At the beginning of each stage, all participants ate a sandwich, and then, for about 3 hours, they didn't consume anything. During this period they were questioned about the level of their hunger and of their energy. Every participant in the experiment, during the first stage, was given sugar-free chewing gum to chew for 15 minutes every hour. During the second stage, the volunteers were not given a chewing gum.

The results of the experiment show that during the first stage of the study, participants had their hunger levels lowered. According to the volunteers themselves, they were feeling more energetic and less passive. At the end of each stage of the experiment, all participants were proposed a lot of snacks. After the first stage, during which the participants were given a chewing gum, calorie consumption was decreased.

Scientists consider that chewing gum played the role of a simple and practical instrument for lowering the quantity of snacks eaten, especially of the sweets.

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