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Children of Old Fathers Are Less Smart


Scientists from the Neurological Institute from Queensland in Brisbane (Australia) have come to the conclusion that in childhood the intellectual abilities of old fathers' children are surely not the best.

At the same time, children of older women prove to have higher results in tests on thinking.

Earlier, researchers were trying to find the relation between parents' age and health problems in their children. Usually, those who were born in families with old mothers and fathers often have congenital disabilities and suffer from cancer, autism and schizophrenia.

During the last study, the Australian specialists have analyzed the results of the IQ tests, passed by 33,437 American children with their birth years from 1959 to 1965. The children have taken tests when they were 8 months, 4 and 7 years old. Scientists have observed the video-motor coordination, and also their capabilities of reading, writing and in arithmetic.

As it turned out, the older the child's father was, the worse were the child's test results. However, if the child had an old mother, he would pass the cognitive tests a lot better than all the other participants in the experiment.

According to the scientists, low intellectual abilities of "late" children are being explained by different genes' mutations. If in the woman's organism ova are formed in the maternal uterus, in a man's organism spermatozoa are synthesized during his whole life. In consequence, the older the man is, the "less normal" spermatozoa he has and the higher is the probability that his child won't be too smart.

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