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Chinese Woman Has Been Howling with Pain For 26 Years


A 42-years-old Chinese woman shocks people around her with her howl for 26 years. She first began howling when she noticed that it relieves her pains in the back, but she had soon lost control over it.

Hong, a woman from the village Ganzhashan Kiang around the town Fuchzhou, has told Straits News that her roars sounded like sneezing or yawning, that they could not be controlled, and that she sometimes could not hold back from howling in the street, so that people around avoid passing her by thinking of her as of a sick woman.

Hong says that it all began from lumbar pains when she was 16, "It was then when I noticed that when I howl, the pain disappears".

At first she used to do this once in 2 or 3 months, but now she cannot stop from doing it less than 5 times a day. She affirms that when she howls, she feels as if "air from inside her goes away" and that she can't stop it.

The woman addressed for help to the hospital of Fuchzhou. However, besides an insignificant deformation of her spinal column the doctors haven't found anything.

It is worth reminding that another Chinese girl aged 13 cannot cope with laughing which began when she was 8 months old after suffering from fever. This laughing continues without control till this day.

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