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Chocolate Improves Mathematical Abilities

As a result of a research made recently, scientists proposed a theory, according to which chocolate improves the ability to perform arithmetical calculations.

After volunteers who took part in the experiment were administered a big quantity of a substance called flavonol, contained in chocolate and hot cocoa, they have shown good results in solving arithmetical tasks. Flavonol, being one of the substances also known as polifenols, increases the flow of blood into the brain.

Professor David Kennedy, the manager of the research center, which studies brain and nutrition facts, in Northumbria University, also a co-author of the study, backs the results of the study.

During the research, 30 volunteers were supposed to count in reverse order, by jumping over every 3 numbers, beginning with a random number, chosen by the computer from 800 to 999.

The research showed that they were counting faster and with more exactness after drinking hot chocolate.

However, this result wasn't confirmed when the group was asked to count in reverse order, but by jumping over every 7 numbers, a fact which scientists describe as a more complicated task, requiring the activity of another area of the brain.

Another result of this research also showed that after drinking chocolate, volunteers weren't feeling tired, even when asked to count again and again for an hour.

During the study, each of the volunteers received 500 mg of flavonol.

Apart from the fact that such a big quantity usually isn't contained in a common ration, scientists say that people should regularly get a big quantity of flavonol from fruits and vegetables.

According to Emma Wightman, one of the leading researchers, 100g of chocolate contain approximately 100 mg of flavonol, that's why they plan to study the effect of such small doses of flavonol on the brain.

Besides, dark chocolate seems to have more of these chemical substances than milk chocolate.

According to professor Kennedy, the participants in the experiment were given more flavonol than usually contained in daily food, and, since there are proofs that in big quantities it can prevent lowering work ability, it means it would be better for one to consume more fruits, vegetables and other products that contain a big quantity of polifenols, to maintain a good brain work capacity.

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