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Chocolate Is To Be Compared To Alcohol And Cigarettes


The Scottish dietologist David Walker has proposed calling chocolate one of the worst health products, along with alcohol and cigarettes. He says that chocolate predisposes to obesity and diabetes of the second type.

He considers chocolate as one of the main causes of obesity and a fine would return the previous attitude towards it in a matter of a few years, bringing chocolate to the state of "luxury" that it had lost lately. The new fine system wouldn't solve the problem of obesity completely, but it could slow down the growth of obesity cases.

Doctor Walker reminded that a bar of chocolate weighing 225 g contains 1200 calories – almost a half of the recommended daily norm. In order to burn these calories one needs at least a 3-hours-long walk on feet.

He says that Scotland follows the example of USA, since its every fourth citizen already suffers from overweight because of unhealthy food and its big portions, and also because of lack of physical activity.

Walker also considers that people who consume chocolate daily don't even imagine what kind of harm they bring to their health. "I even have a patient who thinks that chocolate is useful for health", he says.

Statistics says that an average British family consumes circa 1600 kg of chocolate during all their life.

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