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Coffee Stimulates Intellectual Abilities


Cup of coffeeCoffee's property of preventing the decrease of intellectual work abilities has lately been the subject of some interesting researches.

First, some studies in France have showed that women who drink 3 or more cups of coffee every day, in comparison with women who drink one or none, have a 30 percent less risk of memory problems when they are 65.

This research, published in Neurology magazine in August, 2007, was also the one to show that the advantages of drinking coffee are increased along with the age. Memory problems in women older than 80, who used to drink 3 or more cups of coffee per day, were decreased with circa 70 percent than in women not "fond" of coffee. The same effect can be obtained with tea too, but in this case one should drink 2 cups of tea instead of a cup of coffee.

Specialists affirm that caffeine in coffee and tea is a stimulator of brain’s cognitive activity, it also helps decreasing the level of beta-amyloidal proteins in the brain, which, in their turn, trouble the normal activity of the human brain. Significant accumulations of this protein are the basis of Alzheimer's disease. More than 7,000 women and men in 3 cities of France have taken part in the research. None of them had mind disabilities at the beginning of the research. The scientists used to check repeatedly once in 2 and 4 years the cognitive capabilities of the persons in case.

Even if the French researches didn't show the advantages of coffee drinking for men, an earlier research, conducted 10 years earlier on 676 healthy old men from Finland, Netherlands and Italy, has showed that men who drank coffee had lower levels of the normal age decrease of cognitive brain functions than those men who drank no coffee at all. And the best results here, just like in the research made on women, were achieved in men who drank 3 cups of coffee every day. These studies were published in the "European Journal of Clinical Nutrition" magazine in August, 2006.

This says that if one loves coffee and it doesn't have any negative effects on the organism, he/she can easily enjoy drinking it and even have long-time advantages from it.

The negative effects of coffee drinking include the following possible side-effects: extreme anxiety, insomnia, trembling and heart arrhythmias. Besides, it can cause the irritation of the digestive system, of the urinary bladder and of the prostate. If you feel any of these side-effects, then it is better for you to avoid coffee usage (that also includes coffee with no caffeine, because it may contain substances which would influence negatively your organism), apart from all the advantages it may bring. Tea can be a wonderful substitute, a healthy and, in the same time, with no side-effects alternative.

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