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Daily Make-Up Improves Gait


French scientists discovered that daily make-up improves the feeling of balance and movement coordination, thus playing the role of gymnastics. That's why old women, who are used with decorative cosmetics every day, rarely fall down and have a better gait.

Scientists from the University of Saint-Etienne carried out their study on 100 women, aged between 65 and 85. At first, the goal of the research was studying the influence of make-up on self-esteem. A series of experiments included the evaluation of the gait and the weight center of the participants' bodies with the help of special belts.

It turned out that women who regularly use make-up, even in small quantities, are certainly more self-confident when they stand on their feet and have a better gait than the ones who don't use cosmetics at all.

According to the leader of the research, a co-worker of the L'Oreal Company, Patricia Pineau, the results of the study say that the habit of using make-up can help women in avoiding falling down when they're older. The danger of falling down is caused by the fact that in this age the balance and the movement coordination get worse, and the bones' density is lowered, while muscles and ligaments are also submitted to age changes. This often leads to fractures that may be dangerous for one's life. Thus, the fracture of the femur in people older than 65 in 20 percent of cases leads to death in less than a year.

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