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Depressions Are Bad for Your Heart


Researchers from the Washington Medical Academy claim that prolonged depressions increase the risk of heart diseases more than any genetic factor, reports.

In 1992 scientists gathered information about 1,200 male twins, who were enrolled in the American army during the war in Vietnam. In 2005 they have examined them for the second time.

In 1992 depressions already led to the increase (almost twice) of the possibility of developing heart diseases.

The psychologist Jeffrey F. Schirrer comments that they have proved that depressions can lead to heart diseases only in the pairs of twins with a high risk of genetic disorder and with the diagnosis of clinical depression. The twins liable to such diseases, who suffered from common depressions, weren't so much affected. The results showed that "severe depressions are an independent factor".

People who have already suffered from heart attacks, heart surgery or rheumatic arthritis weren't included in the research.

The participants were divided into the following groups of risk:

-twins with high genetic and ecological risk towards depressions;

-twins with a moderate risk;

-the low risk group.

Afterwards the researchers analyzed other independent factors such as: smoking, obesity, diabetes mellitus and blood pressure.

By dividing the twins into the genetic and ecological risk groups, the scientists established the influence of genetic risk on depressions, and the influence of depressions on heart diseases.

The twins always have the same height, grow in the same conditions and have a similar genetic inheritance. Schirrer also says that if one of the brothers develops a depression and the other one doesn't, then both of them have a genetic predisposition to depressions, but "in this case the risk of heart disorder decreases".

The researchers plan to continue the observations on the twins during the process of their ageing.

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