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Doctors Found the Cause of Cancer Metastases


Researchers have discovered that the key role in the spread of cancer metastasis belongs to the LOX (lipooxigenase) enzyme. They hope that the medicine blocking this enzyme will be able to hold back the spread of the disease.

The results of the research were published in the Cancer Cell journal. The scientists have made experiments on mice with breast cancer, but they are sure that their results are available for human beings suffering from other types of cancer as well.

The enzyme LOX sends signals for the preparation of a new place in the organism for the removal of the cancer cells. Without such a preparation the cancer cells may not adapt themselves to the respective conditions.

The lead researcher, Janine Earler, has declared that this discovery is the "deciding missing element of the puzzle that scientists have been trying to collect for a long time". She says that this is the first time that establishing a key enzyme responsible for the spread of tumor cells has become possible.

"If we could influence the capability of the organism of preparing new places for the removal of cancer cells, we will be able to prevent the appearance of metastases efficiently", said Earler.

"Cancer metastases are very hard to treat and this new discovery gives real hope that the scientists will manage to create a medicine against the spread of cancer", she explained.

The importance of the new result has been underlined also by Julie Sharp, from the British Center against Cancer.

"It is very important to know and to imagine the way cancer is spread. Thus it would easier to search for methods of treating this disease. The research has brought scientists one step closer to the understanding of this problem. The next stage of the studies will be finding out if it is possible to block or inhibit the LOX enzyme in order to stop the spread of cancer", she said.

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