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Doctors Succeeded In Saving A Girl Born With A Half Of The Heart


According to the statistics, approximately 1 child out of 100 is born with one or other deficiency of heart. But such a serious pathology as the one Mira Larrison was born with is a rarity.

The disease that Mira was diagnosed with even before she was born is called "hypoplasia of the heart's left ventricle" (or the Rauhfus-Kissel syndrome). This means that the left ventricle of the girl's heart was underdeveloped and practically non-functional. Usually, the first symptoms of the disease appear in the first 2 days of life and are presented by a strong vascular insufficiency. The disease intensively makes headway and quickly kills the patient.

The Rauhfus-Kissel syndrome can be met in circa 7 per cent of children with congenital heart deficiencies and represents their most frequent cause of death. Even if the disturbance is diagnosed in the uterus of the mother, it is very hard to save the baby – a series of complicated surgical operations or a heart transplantation is needed. About 97 per cent of children sick with this disease die in their first year of life.

Mira's state was more severe than it was expected. According to the doctors, she wouldn't have survived the operation on the open heart, and would have died in a matter of some days without treatment. Besides, the girl was diagnosed with the Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome – a serious disease, associated with anomalies in the development of the heart.

But the girl's life could still be saved. The doctors have made a set of procedures while she was still inside the uterus and some surgical operations after she was born.

"She will still need some other operations, but the hardest one was already performed", Science Daily reports quotes cardiologist Imy Armstrong, one of the doctors from the group that had treated Mira, as saying.

Now the 2-weeks-old girl is ready to go home with her parents. Katie and Jeremy Larrison already have a baby, that's why they might need help to take care after the elder one and after their younger ill daughter. But they don't give up: the most important thing is that their daughter was saved, despite the pessimistic prognoses of the doctors. The girl will need 2 other operations (when she will be 4 months- and 2 years-old), in order to correct the lung blood flow, but these will not be so risky, according to the doctors.

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