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Dreaming Is The Key To A Qualitative Activity Of The Brain

Scientists from the University of British Columbia have determined that dreaming stimulates the activeness of the brain more than thinking.

The areas of the brain related to solving complicated problems start functioning when imagination is fully activated.

"Dreaming is usually associated with inattentiveness and laziness. But this research has proved that the human brain is more active when fancying compared to solving common problems", says Kalina Kristoff, a psychologist.

Being situated in the area of magnetic resonance visualization, volunteers performed a simple test: they were asked to press a button which corresponded to a number on the screen. Scientists studied the attentiveness of the patients and the processes taking place in their brains.

The discovery shows that dreaming, which occupies a third part of our thoughts, is an important cognitive state that unconsciously turns our attention towards solving daily problems.

It was considered until now that the medium part of the prefrontal cortex, the posterior lateral cortex and the temporal area are the only areas of the brain related to dreaming and fancying.

However, the research has showed that the "performing area" of the brain, related to the intense solving of the problems, including the lateral prefrontal cortex and the posterior area of the anterior lateral cortex, are also active when fancying.

Quantitative and qualitative indices of the brain's activity show the capability of people to turn from solving complicated problems to dreaming.

"By dreaming you can't reach in a direct way the goal you've proposed yourselves, however, when reading, the brain is capable of turning the attention towards solving personal problems, related to career", scientists say.

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