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Drinking Chocolate Is Healthier Than Eating It


It is a lot healthier to drink hot chocolate than to eat the chocolate itself, latest researches show. According to the Finnish official medical portal Uutispalvelu Duodeci, consuming cocoa decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, because this product contains flavonoides, first of all epicatehine, which are capable to lower the negative influence of free oxygen radicals in the organism. Cocoa is one of the best sources of flavonoides, equal to citric fruits, some other fruits and berries, and also onion, green tea and red wine.

At the same time, Finnish doctors affirm that, in hard chocolate, which average European people eat from 4.5kg to 9kg per year, the concentration of flavonoides is decreased in comparison with hot chocolate, because most of it is destroyed once cocoa is processed. Besides, hard chocolate has a large quantity of sugar and milk, which can lead to extraweight and other negative consequences.

Several years ago, specialists from the universities of Helsinki and Oulu have come to the conclusion that people who like bitter dark chocolate suffer less from diabetes than other people of the same age, who are indifferent to this product. Besides, studies have shown that "chocolate enjoyers" feel healthier and happier than the rest of people. They are full of optimism and are more willing to make plans for their lives – chocolate's property of secreting "happiness hormones" in the organism is not a secret anymore. Investigations made in different age and social groups have also proved that these properties help permanent chocolate consumers to reach better results in their studies.

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