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Drinks In Plastic Bottles Cause Hormonal Disturbances

Consumption of drinks from plastic bottles increases by more than two thirds the level of a chemical substance contained in the organism, known to have an influence on the sexual hormones, Daily Mail reports.

Bisfenol A, its structure reminding the feminine sexual hormone estrogen, is used for the production of packages and bottles for different food products and drinks, and also for the production of baby bottles.

The study made by scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) showed that the level of bisfenol A in the urine of the participants in the experiment, all of them having consumed drinks from plastic bottles during one week, had increased by 69 percent.

Warming up baby bottles, which usually happens when parents want to warm up milk for their children, leads to the dangerous increase of this chemical substance in the blood.

"This causes anxiety, since children can turn out to be quite vulnerable to the influence of bisfenol A, which is capable of bringing about the disturbance of hormonal glands' activity", declared the professor Karin H. Mitchels, from the Department of Epidemiology of HSPH and of the Medical School of Harvard.

Previous studies showed that a high level of bisfenol A consumption leads to congenital defects, growth problems and to an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, reports Jenny Hope.

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