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Early Drug Recognition - Key to Successful Treatment


Drugs are one of the most acute problems of the current century and the statists prove that: every fifth person aged between 16 and 59 admitted to have taken at least on of the most wide-spread drugs, such as marijuana, LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamine, crack or others; 24% of those aged between 18 and 25 and 12% of those interviewed admitted to have used cannabis, which is the most wide-spread illegal drug; and 18% of those aged between 18-21 had taken ecstasy at least once and 13% admitted to have experienced the LSD symptoms. And let's not speak about cocaine, heroine and crack, which are the most dangerous of drugs.

One of the main problems for not offering a quick treatment, when chances of a full rehab are the greatest, could be mentioned the lack of a proper information level on what the heroine addiction symptoms are, what the symptoms of cocaine addiction are and the symptoms of other most widely abused illegal and legal drugs, such as meth, crack, ambien and other drugs.

Knowing the symptoms of drugs is a crucial moment in starting a successful drug rehabilitation program, which depends on the drug used and the time of its usage: the more dangerous the drug is, such as heroine or cocaine, the longer and more difficult will be the program. On the other side, when a meth drug addiction, for example, is recognized on an early stage, the rehab program will be shorter, with behavioral therapies and medication prescriptions for blocking the withdrawal effects.

Another important factor in losing the addiction to a drug is the professionalism of the staff in the rehab center and at the Narconon Vista Bay, a premiere drug and alcohol treatment center in Anaheim and Orange County, California, people know what they are doing, because they are professionals. They do everything to elaborate most affordable and reliable rehabilitation programs at Vista Bay, programs which in 76% of cases are successful.

Everyone makes mistakes and taking drugs is among the most dangerous ones. However there is always a chance of a successful treatment with an early recognition of the addiction to drugs and with care of the staff at the treatment center Narconon Vista Bay.

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//1 Sep 20, 2008 03:58 PM | posted by: summer_rain [InfoMANIAC]
An early drug recognition and a good help for those addicted to drugs would be taking care of the people we love in the appropriate time... as well as observing them too... sometimes i just can't understand how can parents not understand that their child is into drugs... don't they see them, their behaviour, the way of talking, even the way they dress... there are so many things that can show one is addicted to drugs... sometimes we just don't pay attention to this... we say they act strange, because they're tired or that it's just age and other problems... but finding out these things in time is very important and judging or criticising is not the best method precisely to help... being there for them and supporting them is exactly what they need so that they know they're not alone in this...

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