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Eat Less Meat And Live Longer


Corned beefAmerican scientists have received new information about the fact that excessive consumption of beef, pork and lamb increases the risk of death in a period of time of 10 years.

During their studies on cancer diseases, the group of researchers from the National American Institute have examined more than half a million of people and have published their results in the magazine "Archives of Internal Medicine".

Their results say that people who consumed circa 5.6 ounces (160 g) of red-coloured meat daily had a higher risk of dying from cancer or cardio-vascular diseases than those who consumed circa 0.9 ounces (25 g) per day, this quantity being equivalent to a slice of ham.

In their turn, people who were not consuming red meat at all, but only fish and paultry, had a lower risk of dying from cancer and cardio-vascular diseases.

According to the researchers, decreasing meat consumption could lower mortality with 11 per cent among men and with 16 per cent among women.

Scientists already know that cancerogenous substance couplings appear when meat is processed termically.

Meat also remains to be the main source of saturated fat acids, which participate in forming breast and colon tumors.

Besides, lowering meat consumption is usually related to positive changes of such factors of risk as high blood pressure and high cholesterol level.

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