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Estrogen Influences The Ability Of Hearing And Differentiating Sounds

Scientists from the University of Rochester discovered the role of the hormone estrogen in the process of transformation of auditory signals in the brain.

This hormone can disturb the function of hearing, as well as influence other sense organs. Estrogen changes the reactions of the brain on sounds, that's why the authors of the research are considering elaborating a new method of treating deafness.

According to Rafael Pino, one of the researchers in this domain, previous studies have indicated the relation between estrogen and hearing in women, which is often lowered after menopause. It is clear now that a correct balance of hormones in men and women is important not only for their sexual system's activity.

Researchers found that the increase of estrogen levels in brain areas that process auditory information, also increased, in its turn, the sensibility of neurons that catch sounds codified under more discreet audio impulses. It is possible that blocking estrogen's action or its penetration into the hearing centers of the brain can stop the transmission of signals needed for the processing of sound. The hormone also activates the genes that program the brain on remembering the heard information, this means that it influences auditory memory.

According to the scientists, estrogen can help change the circuit of neurons, responsible for the formation of memory about the way a melody sounds. It activates the intracellular processes related to memorizing.

Now scientists are going to study the cellular processes, related to auditory memory and the role of estrogen in this mechanism.

At the same time, they consider that estrogen is the key-molecule in processing of the information from all sense organs.

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