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Everyone Has an Individual Speed Of Running


If during morning jogging your body tells you to slow down, it is better to obey. Scientists proved that the effectiveness of running depends on the speed developed and every person has his or her optimal rhythm, which allows winning over a big distance with minimal efforts.

Respectively, high speed doesn't always increase metabolism rate – the quantity of energy consumed by our body. Thus, according to Karen Studel, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, if you want to run a long distance, it is necessary to choose an optimal rhythm to balance the metabolism rate.

In order to determine the most effective speed, scientists have measured the levels of metabolism judging by the number of times the participants in the experiment went round the running path. This means approximately 8.3 miles per hour for men and 6.5 miles per hour for women. The difference is caused by the length of legs and the size of waistline. In other words, tall people have higher speed.

It is interesting to note that the speed of 4.5 miles per hour or 13 minutes per mile was the most efficient. For example, a very quick walking and a very slow running weren't useful to the body.

Scientists have also established that heigh people along with those with a wide chest and a thin waistline are more likely to move faster.

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