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Fat Face Makes Women Younger


A research carried out by American scientists found that a youthful look is directly linked to more fat on a person's face as he or she gets older. At the same time the study found that people under 40 should have the opposite.

Dr Peter Callan, a spokesman for the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery, supported the theory saying that as people age, the face loses fat and bone. He added that facial volume has a great influence on the way a person looks and how their skin covers the face.

"In a young person they have plenty of facial volume and fat, they have lustrous skin which drapes over a nice foundation so they look young," he said. The skin gets thinner with the age, becoming more sensitive to the sun, smoke and other factors that can damage it.

"We have facial descent and less facial volume so the whole thing can hang more than it should," he added.

It is worth mentioning that the research was carried out by a team of doctors from the Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. Its results were published in the journal the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Scientists discovered that twins aged over 40, with a body mass index higher by 4 points, had their face look younger. Before this age, extra fat on the face had an ageing effect.

Starting with the age of 55 and over, a woman can have a younger look of her face if her body mass index is 8 points higher. According to Dr Callan, exposure to the sun, a lack of sunscreen use and smoking were more dangerous than the skin ageing itself. Important roles are also played by stress, depression and traumatic events during life.

"The answer is to try and keep a good weight, live a good lifestyle and look after yourself," said the researcher.

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