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Fat Japanese Dolphins Are Put on a Low Fat Diet


The officials of Kinosaki Marine World decided to put its dolphins on a low fat diet. The step was taken after it was noticed that the dolphins developed pot bellies and did not look sharp in the water while performing their aquatic tricks.

Representatives of the marine world, located in western Japan, said that all of its 19 dolphins were put on a low fat diet in August, after they found that the animals failed to hit jumping targets and were unable to keep upright while treading water.

"We were puzzled by their poor performance, then we noticed they looked rounder," said Haruo Imazu, the spokesman of the park.

After measuring the weight of the dolphins, the park's workers saw that the animals got heavier by about 22 pounds throughout summer. All the dolphins ate the same food, which featured 31 pounds of mackerel combined with some white fish. The keepers noticed that the mackerels got fattier, which is why dolphins gained extra weight.

Shortly after discovering the plumpness of the dolphins, the keepers put the animals on a weight loss program. They give them more white fish and less fatty mackerels. At the same time the keepers maintains a routine exercise regime.


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//1 Oct 13, 2008 11:08 PM | posted by: vanilla [InfoWILD]
Poor dolphins!! To put them on a diet? It's blasphemy!

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