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Fighting Cholesterol Lowers Pleasure From Sex


One of the newest researches has shown that pleasure from sex is directly proportional to the level of cholesterol in the blood. Popular medicines based on statin not only lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, but also trouble the patients' capacity of enjoying sex, Beatrice Holomb from the Medical Faculty of the University of California – San-Diego, reports.

As a result of her 6-months-long research it turned out that this side-effect is mostly expressed in men: the most efficient medicine, based on simvastatin, has lowered the sharpness of their sexual feelings by almost 2 times. Pravastatin, in its turn, practically doesn't influence sexual life, but it isn't so efficient in fighting with cholesterol.

Scientists have different opinions on the subject of the origin of this side-effect: Holomb relates it to the statins' property of decreasing the concentration of coenzyme Q10, while the neurobiologist Barry Komisaruk considers that it is caused by the chemical processes in the brain, processes needed to be studied further.

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