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Food with Suspect Additives Sold by Children's Super-Heroes


Food companies benefit from most popular among children characters, such as Spider-Man, Doctor Who, and Barbie, to sell their products containing suspect additives. Ninety-five per cent of cakes and hundreds of sweets, processed foods and drinks contain chemicals that cause hyperactive behavior in healthy children.

A last-month study conducted by the Southampton University showed that artificial colors produced a serious adverse effect on children's health. Professor Jim Stevenson, the author of the study, warned parents they were putting their children's physical and psychological health at great risk by feeding them with junk food containing additives. Despite the results of the study, the Food Standards Agency has not banned the chemicals, and manufacturers continue using them.

The Food Commission has created a site devoted to the issue to keep parents aware of the foods their children should avoid. The Action on Additives website has published the list of health-damaging food additives, including tartrazine (E102), sunset yellow (E110) and ponceau-4R (E124). Tesco's Doctor Who Tardis cake, for example, contains three of the artificial colors. Other cakes with children's favorite characters, such as The Simpsons, Dora The Explorer, and My Little Pony, also use a lot of additives.

According to Action on Additives spokesman, the website exposes companies using these suspect food additives. It lists over 100 brightly colored products, really attractive for children. The Food Standards Agency has agreed to put a link to the website on its own pages with information on additive.

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