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Genes Responsible for Ageing to Be Discovered Soon

Scientists from the University of Liverpool came up with a new method that helps discover the genes responsible for the process of ageing.

They were able to determine the genes in various tissues of human beings and animals, submitted to a long-term ageing. The analysis included more than 5 million measurements and put on the first place the mechanisms used by the body for the protection from cellular changes, typical for the age, related to the degeneration of muscles and the ageing of the brain.

Such a method will allow finding the genes that indicate the biological changes during the process of ageing. If, as a result of the activity of such genes, the number of certain proteins will be increased, then it will be possible to create medicines for the maintenance of youth.

According to Joa Pedro Magalhis from the Academy of Biological Science, they have created a new algorithm for the analysis of genes of different types and have received a general representation about the way genes influence ageing in the organism. This method is similar to the study of molecular particularities of cancer, but it is for the first time directed towards the study upon ageing.

According to scientists, genes can adapt to ageing, can protect the body, and also slow down this process. By the means of receiving a lot of data about different tissues, they will be able to build a model of adaptative genes' behaviour of animals and people. Our body has natural mechanisms, which help us react on age changes.

"We have seen that some genes, not linked to ageing earlier, are activated along with the age in order to protect the body. We can use these genes as biomarkers of ageing, so that scientists can elaborate products and methods of treatment against the process of ageing", said Magalhis.

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