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German Surgeons Removed A Tumor Weighing 18 Kg

German surgeons successfully removed a malignant tumor of 18 kg during a surgical operation made to a patient from Saudi Arabia. They had to perform 5 operations to remove the tumor, and now the woman weighs approximately 36 kg.

Doctors from Saudi Arabia discovered she had this tumor, called chondrosarcoma, in 2004. The patient refused to be provided the services of the Kuwait doctors, who warned the patient about the obligatory amputation of her right leg.

The woman arrived in Germany for treatment in September, last year. By this time, the tumor was of huge dimensions and wasn't allowing the patient to stand on her feet and walk. As a result of the tumor's groth, the woman also had intestinal obstruction and urinary retention. After some courses of chemotherapy that decreased the mass of the tumor, a group of surgeons led by Dr. Heinz Zurbruegg, removed it.

The general mass of the tumor tissues, removed ater 5 operations (each being performed once in 2-4 weeks), was more than 18 kg.

Currently the patient is submitted to a course of recovery in Germany and is getting prepared to a reconstruction of the bones of the pelvis and to the implantation of the femoral bone's prosthesis. The clinical studies made till now didn't come across any symptom of the tumor's recurrence.

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