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Golfers Live Longer Than Other People


People, who play golf, can expect to increase their life expectancy up to five years, scientists suggest.

The study conducted at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden found that irrespective of the sex, socioeconomic status and age, golfers show 40 percent lower death rate in comparison to other people.

It is widely known that exercises improve health, still the health effect of different physical activities was not clear. The study included the data from 300,000 golfers to find the potential health effects. The team of scientists revealed that death rate among golfers was 40 percent lower in comparison with other population. This means that golfers have a five years increase of life expectancy.

Professor Anders Ahlbom, the leading author of the study together with his colleague Bahman Farahmand said that the results of the study show that golf has a number of aspects that contribute to better health. First of all, the golfer spends at least four or five hours outside during a round of a game, walking fast pace for up to seven kilometers. Also people can play golf till their old age and benefit from other social and psychological effects.

The findings showed that other factors such as sex, age and socioeconomic status do not influence the death rate of golfers. It was also suggested that golfers having blue-collar jobs had more benefits than those who have white-collar job. And the greatest health benefits were seen among golf players with the lowest handicap.

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