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Good Physical Shape With Short High-Intensity Trainings Is Possible


A healthy lifestyle and fitness has become a luxury, which many people can't afford. Our busy timetables sometimes give us lack of sleep, not even mentioning lack of physical exercises. Fortunately, British scientists advise us not to worry too much about it. According to them, daily trainings in the pool or in the gym are not compulsory for maintaining a good shape at all.

Professor James Timmons from the Harriota-Watta University in Great Britain has decided to check the influence of periodical high-intensity trainings on human metabolism. The experiment was carried out on 25 volunteers, all of them are men who lead a sedentary lifestyle. They had to ride a bicycle every 2 days (and also a set of other physical exercises).

During the study it was found that regular high-intensity trainings, lasting only 7 minutes, in a matter of 2 weeks, enhance the digestion of carbohydrates in the human organism not worse than daily tiresome trainings.

"The risk of the development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes of the second type is lowered if the person makes physical exercises regularly. We have come to the conclusion that, in order to reach the same effect, only some 30-second lasting exercises with an intensive work of the muscles are enough. The improvement of the metabolism can be felt in a pair of weeks", says Timmons in the press-release of the university.

As one of the variants of replacing trainings in the gym the professor proposes running over 4 sets of stairs up and down for 3 times, twice a week.

Of course, if one wants to have a body similar to world champions in bodybuilding, such trainings will not make a difference. But they are quite enough for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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