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Grapefruit Juice Increases Effectiveness Of Medicines Against Cancer

The consumption of grapefruit juice, along with medicines against cancer, increases the effectiveness of the latter, scientists affirm.

Specialists have analyzed the influence of grapefruit juice on the capacity of assimilation of the medicines by the organism. The study included 25 people who were diagnosed with cancer. To all of these participants doctors couldn't select an effective medicine. The patients administered the necessary doses of the medicine by drinking them with grapefruit juice during a week.

During the study researchers noticed a state stabilization in 7 patients, they even observed an insignificant improvement of health in a patient. In more than half of the patients scientists noticed side-effects: a small increase of glucose in the blood, diarrhea and a low content of leucocytes in the blood.

Scientists have explained this by the fact that some medical substances disintegrate or, on the contrary, increase their effects on the organism under the influence of the juice. However, contemporary tests have shown that medicines, indicated in the treatment of tumors, become more effective.

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