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Hate Area Discovered in the Brain


Scientists managed to determine the area of the brain that is being activated when one sees a hated person. The found area does not coincide with the areas of fear, feeling of danger and threatening, though it often crosses with the area of aggression.

The authors of the article, professors Semir Zeki and John Romiah from the University College of London previously studied the processes that occur in the brain when a person is in love and have decided to continue their work by studying the opposite feelings.

Like love, hate often looks irrational and it can lead people to heroic and malicious actions. "How can two opposite feelings lead to a similar behaviour?" professor Zeki asks.

Scientists have studied the feeling of hate towards other people. Seventeen volunteers have taken part in the experiment.

The brain activity of the participants was being measured while they were viewing photos of people whom they hated and photos with known people, whom they didn't hate. Thus scientists managed to identify the areas of the brain related with the feeling of hate.

As it turned out, these areas include the structures of the brain cortex and subcortical systems linked with aggressive behaviour and movement co-ordination.

Other areas of the brain were also linked with the feeling of hate, such areas as the areas responsible for the ability to predict the actions of other people.

The feeling of hate has also activated the so-called insular lobe of the brain, which is also active when one is in love, as Zeki reports.

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