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How to love a hateful job?


The Happiness Institute proved that loving your job is absolutely necessary and one can easily learn it.

Timothy Sharp, one of the leading psychologists at the Australia-based institute, helps people not only to enjoy their working process but also to create better conditions for employees. With his help people learn to work out a positive attitude at workplace, which turns a boring obligation into a pleasant activity. Sharp also teaches organizations to keep valuable workers by creating a business-friendly atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and manage to fulfill their potential.

Sharp is often called "Dr. Happy" as he considers happiness the most necessary condition at work. People should be glad to be a part of the team, which gives them additional work incentive. Such organizations as The Happiness Institute are in great demand in Australia where companies have problems with retaining experienced employees because of low unemployment.

The disequilibrium in financial markets forced more companies to request assistance of "happiness advisors" as they need to maintain security and optimistic mood in their employees. Sharp recommends people who hate their jobs to find something positive about it and try to enjoy it. In order to feel happy at work one should learn to solve problems rather than complain about them. If your job remains unbearable, probably it is time to consider other proposals.

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