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Latest Invention: Smart Bra Provides Accurate Breasts Monitoring
[12 Oct, 2012] comments (0)
This invention, called the Breast Tissue Screening Bra, is equipped with sensors used to estimate minute temperature alterations that take place when blood vessels grow to feed tumors. ...
Some Birth Control Methods More Likely to Lead to Blood Cloths Than Other
[17 May, 2012] comments (0)
According to a team of researchers at the University of Copenhagen, women who use such birth control methods as vaginal rings and skin patches are more likely to develop blood cloths compared to those who are on a pill. ...
Hygienna Solo - Turn Your Water Bottle Into Bidet
[16 May, 2012] comments (0)
If you're think that it is possible you can suddenly end up in the middle of nowhere with just a water bottle you might want to take Hygienna Solo with you. ...
Glasses with Rose Hue Can Help People with Migraines
[04 May, 2012] comments (0)
According to a recent research, wearing rose-tinted glasses can considerably reduce and even prevent migraines. ...
Non-Removable Medical Bandages That Dissolve Into Glucose
[03 May, 2012] comments (0)
A group of researchers at Pennsylvania State University managed to come up with a new method to transform starch into fine strands that, when mixed, turn into bandages, tissues, napkins and a number of other medical products. ...
Tooth Tattoo Helps Diagnose Infections Quicker
[26 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
One of the latest inventions in the field of medicine is the tooth tattoo. It is made if grapheme and it can help the person spot the presence of hazardous bacteria in mouth by making use of special highly-sensitive sensors. ...
There Are No Safe Cigarettes, Researchers Warn
[24 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
Those who wish to stop smoking should think twice before using such popular methods like nicotine patches and menthol cigarettes. ...
Portable Plasma Flashlight Gets Rid of Harmful Bacteria on Your Skin in Seconds
[12 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
Recently a team of researchers from Australia and China has come up with a health device that can kill harmful bacteria in just a matter of seconds. ...
Latest Invention: WikiCells - Drink Up Your Juice and Eat the Bottle
[15 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
Researchers are working on a special material that would make it possible for people to drink their favorite juice and afterwards easily get rid of the bottle by simply eating it. ...
Medical Tattoo Informs Others About a Person's Health Condition
[12 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
A lot of people with chronic diseases like diabetes or allergies wear bracelets so others could be aware about their issue. However, one of the latest trends involves getting a medical tattoo to inform other people about your condition. ...
SpermCheck - Home Fertility Test for Men
[28 Feb, 2012] comments (0)
Statistically in about half of infertility cases the problem lies in men's health. With this in mind SpermCheck Fertility Test for men was created. ...
Latest Invention: Pill with Chip Sends Health Information to Your Smartphone
[23 Feb, 2012] comments (1)
Helius is the name of a new smart pill created by Proteus Medical and Novartis, a firm based in Switzerland. ...
Squid - T-shirt That Keeps Track of Your Workout Doings
[15 Feb, 2012] comments (0)
Meet the Squid, a t-shirt that has built-in electromyography sensors. The latter allow the wearer of the garment to track their workout. ...
App That Substitutes Reading Glasses
[10 Oct, 2011] comments (0)
The new GlassesOff app was created to delay the need to use reading glasses by training your brain the right way. ...
Zeo Sleep Manager Works with Your Smartphone
[29 Sep, 2011] comments (0)
Zeo has launched a new mobile version of its well-known product called Zeo Sleep Manager that tracks your sleep patterns. ...

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