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CO2: New Treatment for Nasal Allergies
[09 Sep, 2011] comments (0)
If you are concerned about CO2 emissions, think twice, as scientists plan to develop a new device that can relieve nasal allergy symptoms. ...
Chip that Quickly Tells HIV Test Results
[12 Aug, 2011] comments (0)
Columbia researcher decided to develop a quick and easy test on a chip that would be able to give the vital answer almost immediately. ...
Speedo Aquacoach Watch Improves Your Swimming Performance
[03 Aug, 2011] comments (0)
For those, who lead an active lifestyle and cannot imagine their day without swimming, Speedo has introduced a new tracking gadget to monitor their swimming sessions. ...
Best Eco-Friendly Water Bottles
[19 May, 2011] comments (0)
Water is vital for our health, while dehydration may cause a number of health problems. Drinking water frequently is the only way to keep hydrated and make you body function properly. Check out some of the best reusable water bottles. ...
Top 10 Most Important Inventions of the 21st Century in Medicine
[12 May, 2011] comments (27)
With a great leap in the field of science and technology at the beggining of the 21st century, people were able to witness the appearance of numerous inventions some of which are already helping patients worldwide, while other devices could lead to serious innovations in the near future. ...
Harmful Sunscreen Ingredients
[10 May, 2011] comments (0)
Not al ingredients in the sunscreens can be considered safe, at least, if you are concerned about the environment and your health. Environmental Working Group is an organization that lists several ingredients as harmful for your skin and health. ...
Misoka Toothbrush for Effective Once a Day Cleaning
[04 May, 2011] comments (0)
If you are too lazy or busy to brush your teeth twice a day, there is a toothbrush that allows you to do it only once a day. ...
Spinovo Gadget Reduces Back Pain and Improves Posture
[04 May, 2011] comments (0)
An Australian student has developed a concept back pain relief system that uses latest technology to make your healthier. ...
Latest Invention: Breast Cancer Scanning Ultrasound System Embedded into A MacBook Pro
[04 May, 2011] comments (0)
Today it is very important to diagnose breast cancer at an early stage. According to statistics, early diagnosis of breast cancer increases survival rates to 98 percent. ...
Stick Toothbrush Cleans Your Teeth Naturally
[19 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
Miswak is a stick that is used in Middle East countries as an alternative to a toothbrush. It is natural, biodegradable and easy to bring along. ...
Latest Invention: Smart Thermo Mirror that Tells Your Temperature
[14 Jan, 2011] comments (0)
Another smart thing that was invented by Japanese scientists is a Thermo Mirror, health gadget that is able to take your temperature at one glance. ...
Toothpaste that Changes its Taste According to Weather
[14 Jan, 2011] comments (0)
Could you imagine that you can predict weather forecast just by looking at your toothpaste? Now it is possible thanks to Tastes Like Rain toothpaste. ...
Blood Pressure Monitor that Works with Your iPhone
[06 Jan, 2011] comments (0)
Withings, a company known for its smart body scales, has recently presented the first blood pressure monitor that can be connected to iPod, iPhone and iPad ...
LUMI Mask Wakes You Up with Its Own Sunrise
[05 Jan, 2011] comments (0)
Taylor Franklin Hide, was probably one of those who wanted to feel fresh after sleep and wake up as naturally as possible. He came up with the idea of LUMI mask, a device that will help the user fall asleep quickly and wake up easily. ...
Personal Audio Alert Device Helps in Life-Threatening Cases
[28 Dec, 2010] comments (0)
For those, who are suffering from such conditions as asthma or epilepsy, every attack or severe reaction can be crucial. It is especially important that other people could help a person in such unexpected events. ...

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