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Smiling Improves Women's Self Esteem and Appearance, Scientists Say
[16 Sep, 2009] comments (4)
Recent study claims that a woman can significantly improve their appearance by simply smiling. Researchers discovered that the smile improves the appearance of women who feel unhappy about their look. ...
Latest Invention: Drug to Help Wipe Bad Memories
[14 Sep, 2009] comments (3)
Together with his team, Andreas Luthi, of the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Switzerland, is close to developing a drug able to clean one's head from unpleasant memories. ...
Recalling the War is Good for Health, Researchers Say
[11 Sep, 2009] comments (0)
Scientists say that encouraging elderly people to talk about the war could be good for their health. ...
Latest Invention: Biogel that Heals Brain Injuries
[04 Sep, 2009] comments (1)
Recently it was announced that in the next three years the field of medicine will benefit from the latest invention of U.S. researchers - an injectable biogel that can cure brain injuries. ...
Fast Food Can Make You Dumb
[14 Aug, 2009] comments (5)
Researchers from Oxford University discovered that the consumption of burgers, kebabs, chips and other high-fat food could make a person less intelligent. ...
Latest Invention: Liquid Condom Blocks HIV, Herpes, Papilloma Viruses
[12 Aug, 2009] comments (12)
Researchers managed to come up with the latest invention in medicine called vaginal liquid condom that has the ability to block semen and anything that is contained in it, including viruses such as the human immunodeficiency virus. ...
100 Rules for Chinese Next-Generation Astronauts
[05 Aug, 2009] comments (2)
According to the latest requirements for Chinese astronauts, there should be no history of illness in the last 3 generation of astronaut's family. ...
Patients Tested for Chlamydia Can Win iPods and Wii Consoles
[30 Jul, 2009] comments (0)
Those who decide to get tested for Chlamydia will have the chance to win iPods and Wii consoles. In such a way the British National Health Service wanted to motivate patients to get tested for the infection. ...
Create an Exclusive Bathroom With Home and Stone
[17 Jul, 2009] comments (0)
Everyone likes to relax, some do it more often, while others more intense. New York City-based Home and Stone believes that the best way to relax is to fill a comfy hot bath and help the body get rid of pressure. ...
Using Music to Cure Heart Attack and Stroke Victims
[23 Jun, 2009] comments (0)
Italian scientists discovered that music can treat patients who suffered a heart attack or stroke. They came up with such conclusion after noticing that music influences blood pressure. ...
Botox Can Be Used to Treat Baldness
[23 Jun, 2009] comments (2)
Soon it would be possible to treat people from baldness using Botox injections. Researchers managed to discover that Botox injection could help regrow hair. ...
Ritalin: to Take or Not to Take
[19 Jun, 2009] comments (1)
Professor John Harris, a medical expert, says that healthy people should have access to Ritalin in order to boost brain power. He believes that preventing the use of the drug for this purpose is unethical. ...
Cannabis Smoke Damages DNA
[17 Jun, 2009] comments (1)
Researchers at University of Leicester claim they managed to find convincing proof that cannabis smoke causes damaged to human DNA, increasing the risk of developing cancer. ...
Laptops Could Lead to Male Infertility
[12 Jun, 2009] comments (1)
A reproductive specialist at Loyola University Health System (LUHS) established a list of tips that would protect male fertility, which is greatly affected the most by excessive laptop use. ...
Latest Invention: Virtual Copies of Patients to Eliminate Risks of Treatment
[10 Jun, 2009] comments (0)
Soon, before undergoing real surgery or treatment, doctors will be able to test medications or surgery on virtual copies of patients. ...

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