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Irritability Is Hereditary

Scientists from the University of Bonn in Germany came to the conclusion that anger and irritability are brought about not only by one's personality, but also by a person's genes, which means that they are hereditarily transmitted.

As it turned out, the feeling of anger appears every time there's an increased level of a special chemical substance, called dopamine in the brain. Its secretion is influenced by the gene called DARPP-32.

However, German scientists have established that this gene exists in 3 versions. Two of them have a bigger level of activeness, which leads at first to the increase of the dopamine secreted into the brain, and then to crises of uncontrolled anger.

"As a result of a special genetic and chemical mechanism people simply can't retain from irritability and anger", said the lead researcher, professor Martin Reuter.

He also added that the biggest concentration of "anger genes" was found in European people. According to Reuter, this thing helped the human being survive in complicated and competitive conditions.

German scientists consider that people can handle anger accesses if they learn how to control themselves better. Emotional regulation can be as effective as the genetic one, they say.

It is worth reminding that anger and irritability accesses are dangerous for health. People who frequently feel such stress suffer two times more often from cardiovascular diseases than people with a calm character or than those who try to control their emotions.

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