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Kisses Never Lie


According to a saying, eyes are mirror reflection of the soul. But British scientists from the University of Belfast affirm that eyes can lie, while lips can never do that. The way one kisses can say a lot about him/her, reports.

For example, the majority of men and women, circa 80 per cent of them, tend to incline towards the right side before kissing, which is a proof of a high level of sensibility, while the rest of 20 per cent, who incline their heads to the left side, have a very low emotional level.

This affirmation scientists explain by the fact that, as it is known, every hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the opposite side of the body, that's why, when opening the left cheek to the partner, precisely the right hemisphere, responsible for our emotional-sensitive sphere, influences our actions. On the contrary, by opening the left cheek to the partner while kissing, one is led by cold mathematical reasons.

Some people consider that, during a kiss, partners interchange a lot of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, but scientists say that it's not that bad: kisses consolidate the nervous system, making us more resistant to psychological problems.

The proof to this is the following: German scientists have established that the ones who kiss more often live in average with 5 years more than those who don't like kissing. Besides, the persons from the first group also are rarely involved in car accidents, suffer less from professional diseases and, more than that, they receive higher salaries.

This isn't surprising since one's psychological state of mind, consolidated by kissing, becomes more stable, which, without doubt, has a positive influence on all aspects of life.

Another interesting fact is that a lovers' kiss not only has an emotional energy, but also a complicated hormonal and chemical composition. Some studies determined that during kissing the level of cortisol in the organisms of the lovers is lowered. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for the intensity of stress and general anxiety.

Researchers also established that, in the same time, in men the activeness of the hormone oxytocin is increased (the increasing, in its turn, the general level of their tonus) and in women it is lowered.

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